Green Black-out Smokey Eye

Green Black-out Smokey Eye

A black-out smokey eye is such a great dramatic look. But can be scary to re-create if you don't usually use black in your everyday makeup. It's perfect for a night out and elements of the look can be slightly changed to create a whole new unique look.

We've taken inspo from @ashleighrenelle on Instagram who is a big fan of CJP Beauty. She created this amazing black-out smokey eye and swapped out neutral eyeshadows for a green colour scheme to blend it out. She then added a pop to her bottom lash line using our Aloe Glitter Gels.

Our founder, Celina Jayne Pereira re-created the look in a step-by-step tutorial using all CJP Beauty products. Below you'll find written instructions, or click here to see the tutorial on TikTok.

    1. Apply a black eyeshadow base to the eyelid and blend out towards the crease using our Tapered Blending Brush. Celina used the P.Louise Coloured Eye Base in shade Badda Black for this. You can even use a creamy black eye pencil.

    2. Use a black eyeshadow over the base to intensify the colour and set the product and blend out towards the crease using our Tapered Blending Brush. Celina used the shade Goodnight from the Vieve Essential Palette for this.

    3. Switch to our Precision Blending Brush and take a dark forest-green eyeshadow and apply this using small circular motions over the edge of the black shade you used. Once there is very little product on the brush, start blending the colour up towards the eyebrows. Celina used the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Money Palette for the remaining eyeshadows in this look.

    4. Use a Medium Blending Brush with an lighter moss-green shade over and above the darker shade just applied to blend out towards the brow. You want to keep the eyeshadow in a round shape rather than blending outwards.

  1. Now using a Large Blending Brush, use a light brown shade slightly darker than your skin tone and using large circular motions blend and diffuse the eyeshadow colours until they blend into your natural skin tone.

  2. For the lower lash-line, switch to a Pencil Brush and apply the forest-green eyeshadow colour we used earlier and connecting it with the top lash-line.

  3. Using the same brush, dip into our Aloe Glitter Gel in shade Envious Green first and apply all along the lower lash-line. You can even apply it to the inner corner. Allow to dry completely before applying mascara.

  4. Apply your favourite mascara and our Luxury Silk Lashes in the style Charz.

  5. Finish the look off with our new Plush Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade Dee Why for the perfect matching red lip.

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