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Australian beauty lovers get a raw deal when it comes to accessing the latest products and trends. Not only do we have an agonisingly longer wait for launch items than our international friends, but affordable options that make us feel glamorous and as though we’re using upmarket, high-end products, can be hard to find.

Enter CJP Beauty. Founder and makeup enthusiast Celina Jayne Pereira felt the Australian market could benefit from more local brands that are affordable and comparable to the big name international products we all know and love. She spent more than a year working on a line of products that combine Aussie consumer needs with an all-inclusive approach. 

The brand also aims to bring a touch of luxury and Aussie know-how to the international beauty market, shipping our products across the globe. CJP Beauty takes the slogan ‘All-Inclusive Cosmetics’ to a place far beyond the discussion of race, age and sex. We are passionate about the inclusion of all lifestyle choices such as veganism and cruelty-free living along with catering to all socio-economic groups. 


Our products are designed by Celina to provide the most luxurious feeling in all aspects from product functionality and design to packaging – tuning in to everyone’s idea of glam. From a young age Celina had a passion for all things beauty and she spends time perfecting her makeup artistry. In early 2016, she began to turn her dream of a career in the beauty industry into reality by launching a YouTube channel to educate viewers worldwide about makeup. Celina loved creating her tutorial videos, but the more products she used and reviewed, the more she discovered gaps in the market for quality Aussie brands. She began researching cosmetics manufacturing, formulation and product suppliers, along with developing products and a brand concept, while simultaneously working in her family’s food company and studying a full-time university Food Science degree. In October 2018, Celina and CJP Beauty launched our first product collection – a line of cruelty-free silk lashes in a wide variety of styles to appeal to all beauty lovers. For ease of application, a series of tools and accessories were also part of this launch. CJP Beauty lashes are handmade using the finest quality, cruelty-free silk fibres. Sourced exclusively from Korea to provide the most luxurious feel, our lashes are fitted on a flexible cotton band that will mould to the eye shape with prolonged use for the most comfortable wear. With a little bit of TLC your lashes will last up to 25 wears.

About Us
About Us