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Brand values

CJP Beauty offers a unique beauty experience, designed to celebrate diversity and all-inclusivity. We aim to take Australian-made and designed colour-cosmetics to the global beauty market, competing with established brands we all know and love.

CJP Beauty is proudly:
- Female Owned and Operated
- Australian Designed
- Clean Beauty
- Vegan and Cruelty Free
- High Performance
- Affordable Luxury
- All Inclusive


As a modern brand, we are always looking at new and innovative ways to improve our processes, promote sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment.

One of our biggest scopes for innovation is in our packaging design and development. Currently, most of our products are packaged in recyclable materials from our glass jars to our paper unit cartons. We have made a commitment to move to all 100% recyclable materials by the end of 2023.

We have been working tirelessly to develop an eco-friendly glitter gel and can proudly say that we are in the final stages of perfecting the worlds first bio-degradable glitter gel. If all goes to plan, we aim to move the entire range over to eco-friendly glitter by 2025.

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