Eyeliner Brush

$7.00 AUD

  • The Eyeliner Brush is equipped with a slightly angled ferrule and a super-fine tip. Providing control and precision for easy application of liner or other detailed line work, while keeping the fingers away with the angled ferrule. This brush can be used with powder, cream, gel and liquid formulations.

  • Use the ultra-fine brush along with your favorite gel or liquid liner to create your perfect liner. Start by laying the brush horizontally with the tip of the brush at the inner corner and draw a thin line across the eye, when you reach the edge of your eye simply flick out to your desired length. For a softer fox-eye look repeat the same steps using dark grey or brown eye-shadow instead.

  • Pure white, synthetic and vegan-friendly brush hairs, hand fitted into a gold plated aluminium ferrule to reduce shedding, attached to a tapered wooden brush handle for the most light weight feel and application. The synthetic hairs are coated with a unique resistant which stops product being absorbed  by the hairs and deposits maximum product onto the skin, making it perfect for all makeup textures including liquid, powder, cream and gel formulas.