Angled Eyebrow Brush

$10.00 AUD

  • The Angled Eyebrow Brush is a firm, slanted shape and tightly packed brush that is a must-have tool for well-defined eyebrows. Suitable for cream and powder products alike, the fine, tapered brow brush fits perfectly along the arches and provides ultimate line precision for incredibly flawless brows. Flip the brush over to blend and diffuse product with the medium coarse spoolie brush.

  • Use the ultra-fine angled brush along with your favorite brow powder, gel or pomade to create your perfect brow. Start by laying the brush horizontally with the shorter side of the slanted edge pointing in the direction of application and draw an arched line on the top and bottom of the brows, this will give you your shape. Next fill in the brows to your desired intensity. Try turning the brush vertically and drawing individual hairs towards the front of the brow for a more natural look. When you're done, be sure to flip the brush over to blend and diffuse product with our medium coarse spoolie brush.

  • Pure white, synthetic and vegan-friendly brush hairs, hand fitted into a gold plated aluminium ferrule to reduce shedding, attached to a tapered wooden brush handle for the most light weight feel and application. The synthetic hairs are coated with a unique resistant which stops product being absorbed  by the hairs and deposits maximum product onto the skin, making it perfect for all makeup textures including liquid, powder, cream and gel formulas.