Eyelash Scissors

$12.00 AUD

  • Made from medical grade stainless steel, our scissors feature a sharp point which is ideal for trimming lashes to the desired length. A must-have in every lash wearer’s kit.

  • 1. Pull lashes carefully out of the box, starting at the outer corner of the lash.

    2. Measure the lash to fit the eye length. Cut off excess from the outer edge using our Eyelash Scissors.

    3. Prep natural lashes with a light coat of mascara and allow to dry.

    4. Add a thin layer of our latex-free Eyelash Glue to the entire lash band. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to dry. If you're concerned about using lash glue, try our Liner Lash Glue.

    5. Using our Eyelash Applicator, center the lash with the eye and place on the skin as close as possible to your natural lash line.

    6. Once the lash is place, use the applicator to secure the inner and outer corners of the lash to the skin. Hold for 5 seconds on each corner.

    7. Once glue is fully dried, use our Mini Eyelash Curler to pinch your natural and false lashes together.