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Liner Lash Glue

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Say goodbye to glue, latex, magnets, mess and fuss! The newest innovation in false lashes is CJP Beauty’s Liner Lash Glue.

Available in clear or black, our Liner Lash Glue is an easy to use felt-tip liner pen that doubles as lash glue. Use the clear liner for a natural lash-extension look, or the black for high glam liner impact that dries down matte and stays on all day. As with all CJP Beauty products, our Liner Lash Glue is CERTIFIED cruelty-free and vegan.

The felt-tip liner is fine and precise, making it perfect for a clean liner look. It contains a unique press mechanism that keeps the product from drying out, and also ensures the pen is loaded and ready to use each time.
How to Use

1. Prepare your false lashes as per steps 1-3 on our Luxury Lashes.

2. Apply an even coat of our Liner Lash Glue to your eyes with to your desired style and thickness of liner. Be sure to concentrate extra product on the inner corner of the eye.

3. Immediately apply your prepped lashes and position in place.

4. Using our Eyelash Applicator, immediately center the lash with the eye and place on the skin as close as possible to your natural lash line.

5. Once the lash is place, use the applicator to secure the inner and outer corners of the lash to the skin. Hold for 5 seconds on each corner.

6. Use our Mini Eyelash Curler to pinch your natural and false lashes together.

To remove, carefully peel off the lashes and remove the liner with an oil-based makeup remover. Avoid rubbing or tugging on the eyes.

If you're a professional makeup artist working on clients, we would recommend using our latex-free Eyelash Glue for sanitary reasons.


Water, iron oxide black, acrylatres copolymer, propylene glyol, GM-BP, xanthan gum.

Net Weight - 0.9mL / 0.032 fl.oz

Liner Lash Glue
Liner Lash Glue
Liner Lash Glue